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Read this first

  1. DEADLINE has passed. Draws will be sent out Friday Night

  2. Read our ATC Pickleball Money Tournament Information Page. All important information is available there, including dates, price, entries, prize money, etc.

  3. Complete this form for each team you wish to sign up. 

  4. If something is unclear after you have read our ENTIRE information sheet: Please email us at

  5. Want to see what this Double Knock Out draw looks like? Head here

  6. We're having trouble with the payment on this form so please Venmo Drew at @Drew-Lied $20 (WITH YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS NAME in the notes section) to reserve your spot otherwise you won't be officially registered.

  7. Once you lose twice (out of the tournament), you will go into pool play! The team with the best record will win a gift certificate. Our goal is to use all 8 courts for the time that we have them!

  8. Need a partner?! Head to our free agents list to find someone!!!


updated aug 16 at 730am

scott moore alex moore

Zane Navratil John Cincola

Julian Rheams Darryl Rheams

Jonny StormKarel Kedles

Sean Mackman Brent Mackman

Peter Wawrzyn Sam Marshall

Linda Lied Jesse Chen

Lincoln Marshall Sam Quas

Jack larsen John larsen

Chris Huebner Dave Schlicht

Josh Ichen Cole Reigel

Jen Lassandro Becky Doege

Neil Mediratta Jerry Huo

Robb Lied Meg Larsen

Eric Zirzow Ryan Hamkins

Brian klein Sam klein


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