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Read this first

  1. Read our 2023 Spring Session Information Page. All important information is available there, including pricing, dates, times, etc.

  2. Complete our sign up form for each camper you wish to sign up. By signing up, you are agreeing to our waiver located below. 

  3. FAMILY PASSERS - you only need to sign up once. In the notes, please enter all of the family members that will be attending!!!

  4. Sorry for the newer, lengthier sign up form but it really makes our lives easier with integrating to Google Sheets. If you know of an easier way to do it, please let us know otherwise thanks for understanding!

  5. If something is unclear after you have read our ENTIRE information sheet: Please email us at

  6. After clicking "Submit", please scroll to the top! 



Early bird pricing until March 31, 2023!


By completing our sign up you accept that Advantage Tennis Camp has your permission to use your or your child's photograph/video publicly to promote the camp. You understand that the images might be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites and social media. You also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to you by reason of such use. If you do not wish to allow you or your child to be used in said materials above, it is your duty to email us and make sure that they do not partake in any photos/videos.

After clicking "Submit", please scroll to the top! 

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